CIMEQ offers a wide selection of wireless communications.

Fast and energy efficient

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n)

Wi-Fi is a set of protocols that allow multiple devices to connect within a network for high-speed data transfer.


Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)

ZigBee is a protocol used to connect multiple devices within a network in order to exchange data while minimizing energy consumption.



Bluetooth allows information to be transferred over a short distance so as to simplify the connections between electronic equipment (computers, phones, devices).


Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a short range and high frequency wireless communication technology allowing the exchange of information between devices. This technology combines the interface of a chip card and a single device reader.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID enables the entry and retrieval of data over very short distances using devices called RFID tags.



Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS makes it possible to obtain the precise location of a system through satellite signals. The GPS system is often used for tracking to determine the best route between two points or trace the route of a shipment.



Infrared enables short-range communication without interference with other electromagnetic signals. Most remote controls use this form of communication.


Cellular Interfaces

Cellular interfaces allow the simultaneous use of millions of stationary or mobile wireless devices, even when traveling at high speed and over long distances.

There are several types of technologies:

  • AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System)
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  • LTE / 4G (Long Term Evolution)