CIMEQ is a non-profit organization (NPO) and a College Center for Transfer of Technologies (CCTT). It is also part of the Synchronex network grouping 59 specialized centers distributed throughout Quebec.

Established in 1983, CIMEQ was formerly known as CETSO and is affiliated to Lionel-Groulx College. CIMEQ has a measure of autonomy enabling it to decide its own specific mission and development strategy in the fields of applied research and microelectronics. Since its foundation, CIMEQ served more than 550 clients and realized more than 650 projects.

CIMEQ has an indispensable asset of calling on expert CEGEP professors as part of its team.

In 1983, the dedicated center for new electronics technology receives the name "Institut d’ordinique du Québec (IOQ)" and in 1998 CETSO Inc is incorporated.

In 1997, CETSO Inc is awarded the "ARC-Hydro-Quebec" prize for its excellence in technological research.

In 2003, CETSO changes its name to the Center for innovation in microelectronics of Quebec (CIMEQ)