CIMEQ has a wide range of specialized equipment to optimize the development of your innovative project.

Specialized equipment to suit your needs

Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer is the ideal solution for engineers evaluating circuits and RF components in frequencies ranging up to 8.5 GHz.


Signal Analyzer

The network analyzer N9000A can effectively perform measurements on signals amplitude and frequency reaching up to 26.5 GHz.


USB Protocol Analyzer

The Beagle USB 5000 protocol analyzer allows you to view and analyze USB data. With this device, it is possible to analyze USB communications (up to USB 3.0).


NFC Protocol Analyzer

Can greatly reduce debugging time in NFC communications because of its capture, display, decoding, filtering and detection of protocol errors in real time.


WiFi Network Analyzer

The Wi-Spy tool is used to identify problems on WiFi networks.




TC-5062C is used to generate an electromagnetic field for testing small RF devices such as RFID, pagers, GPS receivers, cellular phones, etc.


Digital Oscilloscopes

We are equipped with several high-precision digital oscilloscopes to analyse digital and analog signals that can reach speeds of 1 GHz. We are also equipped with several probes for accurate current measurements.


Thermostatic chamber

We are equipped with a thermostatic chamber for testing circuits in a temperature-controlled environment (-65°C to 177°C). It is also possible to program temperature ramps to test the reliability of circuits.


Voltage and programmable current sources

CIMEQ is now equipped with AC and DC programmable voltage sources as well as programmable current sources. In addition, these instruments can be used as an accurate source of power supply during the development of your projects in electronics.


Programmable Loads

LProgrammable loads (AC or DC) are used to effectively test power supplies and other circuits requiring a specific load.



PowerMeter is used to capture the values and waveforms of an electrical network. This is used for a detailed analysis of voltage, current and frequency of an electrical system and the identification of potential problems.


Thermal Camera

CIMEQ is equipped with a thermal camera to observe temperature distribution in a circuit. It is possible to take measurements up to 1200°C.



In any test environment, it is convenient to be able to observe the variation of signals over time. The Datalogger, available at CIMEQ, can fulfill this mission with precision.


X-rays Inspection

With the XR3700, an X-ray inspection station, it is now possible to check the integrity of BGA (Ball Grid Array) components. Among other things, this tool can also inspect solder balls, cold solder joints, missing solder balls and solder voids.


Manual assembly station

The manual assembly station is used to mount electronic components on boards with much greater precision, while minimizing the time required for this operation.


SMT Reflow Oven

The new Reflow Oven for soldering of surface components (SMT) has greatly improved the quality of welds, which in turn has greatly improved the strength of the product assembly and the lifetime of electronic components.


Ultrasonic Bath

The problems arising from flux and impurities are greatly reduced when boards are cleaned using an ultrasonic bath, a practical addition to CIMEQ's various equipment.


Inspection System with microscope

CIMEQ now has an inspection system with an integrated microscope and a digital camera to photograph printed circuit boards (PCBs) and to make thorough inspections.


BGA Rework Station

This tool is used to quickly and effectively replace BGA. Thus, it is possible to recover expensive components on a faulty board for future use on a new board.