CIMEQ offers a wide range of tests and trials to ensure that your project is at the height of recognized standards.

Common tests and trials

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test)

HALT gives quick feedback on product performance. HALT is usually implemented as soon as the first pilot products are available.


HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen)

HASS tests can detect problems resulting from the manufacturing process and the supply of components. HASS is compiled from results obtained in HALT.


Cross sectional view of circuits

A cross sectional view is used to display surface irregularities and layers of a printed circuit. The analysis is performed using a perfected microscope to enlarge images up to 500 times.


Circuit Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum analysis shows the percentage (%) of main materials used in manufacturing a circuit: lead (Pb), tin (Sn), copper (Cu), gold (Au), platinum (Pt).


Tests tailored to your needs

In addition to the items mentioned above, CIMEQ offers its expertise in electronics which can guide you in the development of specific tests for your product.