Intelligence and monitoring - by Goran Radanovic - 03/01/2019

Laptops and mini pads have proven that computers are shrinking, but a Stanford-led engineering team has expedited the process. Wanting to build a computer-on-a-chip, the team developed a prototype that unites memory and processing into one chip to make it more efficient and faster than passing data between separate chips, according to Boston Global Forum.

Business Insider - by Graham Rapier - 02/10/2019

Self-driving cars may eventually eliminate the need for personal vehicles, but they may not lessen road congestion. New research from the Journal of Transportation Policy suggests traffic could even get worse as self-driving cars cruise empty on streets awaiting their next rider. The findings could be more fuel for those seeking to implement congestion charges in more cities.

The Verge - by Loren Grush - 02/27/2019

This afternoon, six fridge-sized satellites will launch into space from South America on board a European rocket. The flight will spark the beginning of a planned mega-constellation that will total 650 satellites aimed at creating global internet coverage from space.

de zeen - by Rima Sabina Aouf - 02/03/2019

US company Pliant Energy Systems has turned one of its green energy technologies into a propulsion system for a swimming robot capable of exploring land and sea.

The Velox robot can move through water as well as over sand, pebbles, snow, ice and other solid ground, completing tasks that robots designed purely for either land or sea would be unsuited to.

MIT News - by David L. Chandler - 02/07/2019

New results show how varying the recipe could bring these materials closer to commercialization.

cnet - by Jackson Ryan - 02/04/2019

A Chinese research team has developed the ability to mind control a rodent, building a wireless brain-to-brain system that enables a human to move the "rat cyborg" through a maze.

GeekSpin - by Christian Saclao - 01/08/2019

This innovative console allows players to compete on a 19-inch touchscreen using connected toys like pawns, cards, buzzers, dices, and more.

pv magazine - by Emiliano Bellini - 01/17/2019

France’s state-owned utility EDF is entering the floating PV business with a large-scale project in the south of the nation.

In a statement to pv magazine, the company’s press office confirmed an intent to build its first floating solar power plant, as previously reported by French financial newspaper Les Échos.

CNN - by Jack Guy - 01/31/2019

Robots are an increasingly common feature of everyday life, whether they are cleaning your house or stacking shelves at the grocery store.

Now engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a robot that performs a seemingly more frivolous task: playing Jenga.

CScience - 01/31/2019

À la Une de CL’hebdo cette semaine : reportage sur le virage 4.0 dans l’industrie manufacturière au Québec. Notre journaliste Émilie Aubry s’est rendue dans une entreprise à Terrebonne pour prendre le pouls de la situation. Dans sa chronique, Audrey Azoulay nous parle des politiques publiques du numérique. Et on reçoit Luc Sirois, directeur général de Prompt, pour nous parler des enjeux de la 5G.