Intelligence and monitoring

Gizmag - by Nick Lavars - 01/27/2015

There's nothing like slipping into bed on a cold night when your electric blanket has been hard at work, but warming up the linen to create that toasty sleeping cocoon of course requires you to flick it on in advance. The makers of Luna believe that poor foresight isn't worth losing sleep over, so they've created an internet-connected mattress cover that adjusts to your lifestyle. This means automatically setting the bed's temperature, tracking the quality of your rest, and even kicking your coffee machine into action when you wake up.

Engadget - by Mariella Moon - 01/29/2015

First you'll need to take pills packed with nanoparticles that circulate throughout the body looking for cancer cells. If they find any, they'll bind to those cells, which then literally light up. After that, the cell-particle combos make their way underneath the bracelet, since it has a magnet that attracts the nanoparticles.

A wireless transmitter could give paralyzed people a practical way to control TVs, computers, or wheelchairs with their thoughts. - by Byron Spice - 01/14/2015

Carnegie Mellon University's latest robot is called Snake Monster, however, with six legs, it looks more like an insect than a snake. But it really doesn't matter what you call it, says its inventor, Howie Choset—the whole point of the project is to make modular robots that can easily be reconfigured to meet a user's needs.

Gizmag - by Ben Coxworth - 01/15/2015

Although it may be handy to have sensors in your windows that remind you if you've left them open, running electrical wiring to all those sensors (or regularly changing their batteries) could be a hassle. A new window-monitoring radio sensor chip, however, gets all the power it needs from the sun.

Gizmag - by David Szondy - 01/18/2015

At first glance, the Dolfi "pebble" may look like a cross between a Wi-Fi router and a bar of soap, but its actually a portable ultrasonic washing device for delicate items of clothing. Billed as the "world’s smallest and gentlest washing device", it's designed as a home and travel washer that uses 80 percent less energy than conventional machines and operates on a set-and-forget principle.

CE Pro - by CE Pro Editors - 01/06/2015

Intel Corporation today announced a number of technology advancements and initiatives aimed at accelerating computing into the next dimension. The announcements include the Intel Curie module, a button-sized hardware product for wearable solutions; new applications for Intel RealSense cameras spanning robots, flying multi-copter drones and 3-D immersive experiences; and a broad, new Diversity in Technology initiative, which includes a $300 million investment to encourage more diversity at Intel and within the technology industry at large.

gizmag - by Ben Coxworth - 12/16/2014

The X PlusOne functions as both a hovering quadcopter and a forward-flying fixed-wing aircraft. Both Google and Belgium's Katholieke Universiteit Leuven are working on drone-based delivery projects that utilize UAVs which take off and land vertically, but that can also tip sideways to transition into fast and efficient fixed-wing flight.

Consumer Reports - by Glenn Derene - 01/06/2015

This lightweight device resembles a skateboard—but it's really a self-balancing, electric transportation tool

Outside Live Bravely - by The Editors - 01/09/2015

The Connected Pedal uses a built-in GPS unit to foil would-be thieves. The device alerts you through an app on your smartphone if the bike is moved, and then lets you trace your ride's route. And while the pedal is installed in a few minutes, it can only be removed with a special key. As a bonus, the pedal also records speed, route, incline, and calories burned for every single trip, whether your phone is with you or not.